What is Kate Bedingfield’s Net Worth?

Kate Joan Bedingfield is a 39-year-old American political advisor from Georgia, Atlanta. She started off her career as a strategic communicator for Motion Pictures Association of America, and later on she was promoted to Vice President for MPAA. Bedingfield entered politics as a spokesperson in 2008 for John Edwards presidential campaign, and assisted as a communication director for the 2008 senate campaign for Jeanne Shaheen.

She entered White house during Barack Obama’s presidency and climbed through her career as a Deputy Director of Media Affairs and Director of Response. As per the “Obama White House Salary of 2015” her annual income was approximately 75,000 USD then.

Kate’s work on the campaign led to Fortune listing as 40 under the age of 40 influential people. Source: fortune.

In 2015 Bedingfield joined forces with Joe Biden and was hired as a Deputy Campaign Manager for the 2020 Presidential Campaign. Bedingfield was Biden’s most renowned advocates on campaign trail and was also one of the highest paid staff. As per the article in “White Staffers are the biggest paydays on the Trump and Biden’s Campaigns” the salary data analysis showed she earned a whopping of 112,000USD.  

Currently, she will be designated as White House Communications Director in all-female White House Communication team with the Biden Administration. The average of such position is approximately 172,000USD as per the “Obama White House Salary of 2015”. With multiple sources of income her main income now is as the Communications Director.

Bedingfield has been able to accrue a good amount of wealth yet she still lives a simple lifestyle, and has managed to keep her assets fairly hidden. Considering her success in 2020, her impressive twitter followers and her past income, it is believed her net worth stands between 2 to 3 million USD.

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