Natalie Quillian 5 facts

Natalie Quillian is a female politician of Unites States who has been by Joe Biden’s health team under the position deputy coordinator of Covid-19 response. She is also the Partner and principal, Boston Consulting Group.

She has served as Deputy Assistant to Barack Obama and also an Advisor to the White house Chief of staff from January 2013 to January 2017.

Natalie held a significant role. Source: buildbackbetter.

Quillian is a native American and seems to be very private about her life. She doesn’t have any social media accounts.

Speaking of her family, Natalie is a married woman who has a loving husband and two beautiful children. She has managed to keep the information very secluded.

Having worked as an American politician she earns an impressive amount of Salary. Her Net worth hasn’t been revealed yet.

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