Natalie Quillian assigned as the Deputy Coordinator of the COVID-19 Response

Natalie Quillian also pronounced as (Nat-uh-lee Kwill-ee-en) is recognized as a senior advisor who served to the White House Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to the Deputy National Security Advisor throughout the Obama-Biden Administration.

 She has had a crucial role in coordinating the Obama-Biden administration’s interagency response to the opioid epidemic. Natalie Quillian is a national security expert and past White House and Pentagon senior advisor who lately worked as Deputy Campaign Manager for Biden for President.

Health nominees and appointees of Joe Biden. Source: yahoo.

Her responsibility mostly includes helping lead the campaign operations, handle security matters of the election, other organization duties which involves dealing the campaign’s approach to COVID-19 protection for the campaign staffs, candidates, assistants and a huge stack of volunteers.

Natalie’s government career started off as a civil servant during the George W. Bush administration. She worked for Obama-Biden administration for a period of eight years.

She has aided with several national security positions at the National Security Council and the Office of the Secretary of Defense, working on complex interagency and crisis response matters.

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