Simone Petrella talks about her experience with Cybersecurity

We can say that Simone Petrella’s journey to cybersecurity started through the Department of Defense. She said in a statement “Soon I understood that I desired to pursue a more merit-based career track, so I joined defense contracting consulting, where I devoted almost a decade,”.

She explains. “I was hired because of my background in social network analysis specific to counter terrorism. I worked on what was then known as intelligence support to computer network operations. That was my first foray into what is now known as cybersecurity.”

Simone received her J.D. with honors from Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law and graduated from Georgetown University with a B.A. in Government and a M.A. in International Law and Policy. Source: bankinfosecurity.

Simone stated, “My cybersecurity profession has engaged me in both private and government areas, and I’ve experienced firsthand the influence of knowledge transfer between the two. Once I began my career, the federal government was only one of the places undertaking computer network operations and information security work in a considerable way. Lately, cybersecurity has turned out to be a bigger significance for both private organizations and national agencies, which benefited from employing former military and government cybersecurity specialists.

Petrella has few fascinating philosophies regarding why more girls and women do not pick a cybersecurity job. “There is a theory that in 1982, when the personal computer was presented into the average American household, that personal computer promotion and publicity was targeted mainly to young lads. By the time those young boys grew up, went to high school and then got into college and were taking the same programming classes that their female counterparts were also in, they had preceding experience to computers.

Petrella has few interesting theories about why more girls and women do not pick a cybersecurity job. Source: ncronline.

She tells, what requires to be transformed is that anybody who is interested about coding, computing, security or technology must be given the nurturing and environment to do so.”

Petrella explains, “I was encouraged to co-found CyberVista, which is a cybersecurity training and workforce development corporation, since I felt ardently about the reason, and I desired to be a part of it.” At CyberVista, we have faith that employers can, and should, invest in evolving talent from within, as well as classify new foundations of external capacity that can be grown into cybersecurity roles.

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